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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped make our 39th Annual Symposium a huge success.

Whether you attended the weekend festivities, submitted an auction item,  or gave a financial donation, we are sincerely thankful for your contribution. We hope to see you for our 40th Annual Symposium April 1, 2017.

Our silent auction raised $1,267 that benefited our Joy Matthiessen Scholarship Fund, the Mauer Travel Fund, and HAPA's operation. For the weekend as a whole, auction included, we raised over $3,000 towards our fundraising goals. A special thanks to the following alums, friends, and organizations who contributed to a successful symposium.

Alumi & Friends
* Dan Schoeneberg * Samantha Sauer * Stevy Hernandez * Nicholas Klein * Michael Sarna * Amanda Bryden *
* Cory Hurless * Alex Stromberg * Angela Stanford * Dr. Debra Reid * Dr. David Mauer * Saige Jedele *
* Andy Stupperich * Lori Henderson * Phil Grumm * Brian Failing * Dan Hess * Emily Spuhler *
* Caroline Martin * Rachel Sapp * Amy Wywialowski * Diane Hall * Laura Russman *

* Action Screen Printing * Gaylord * EIU Bookstore * EIU Marketing & Creative Services *  
* Chicago Bears * Chicago Cubs * St. Louis Cardinals * Chicago Community Trust * AMC Theaters *
* Brookfield Zoo * Flesor’s Candy Kitchen *  HA Class of 2014 *
*Forest Preserve District of DuPage County * DuPage County Historical Museum *
* American Association for State and Local History *

HAPA Joy Matthiessen Memorial Scholarship Fund - $1,362.33
Erika Allison
Shari Caine
Debbie Grinnell
Debra A. Reid
Angela Stanford
Andy Stupperich

Dr. David Maurer Student Travel Fund - $909.34
Amanda Bryden
Shari Caine
Lori Henderson
Saige Jedele
David Maurer
Debra A. Reid
Mark Sims
Angela Stanford
Andy Stupperich

Dr. E. Duane Elbert Learning Resources Fund - $30.00
Shari Caine
Debra A. Reid

HAPA General Fund - $509.33
Brian Failing
Patricia Miller
Philip Mohr

We would also like to acknowledge those who contributed in April
HAPA Joy Matthiessen Memorial Scholarship Fund 
Susan Haake
Lois Herr