Past Recipients

Each year the HAPA Joy Matthiessen Memorial Scholarship is given to one member of the current Historical Administration class who does not hold an assistantship or has an unpaid internship. Below is a listing of 
students who have received this scholarship over the years. 

Elizabeth Papp, HA 2016-2017
Erika Allison, HA 2015-2016
Brian Failing, HA 2014-2015
Amanda Hursch, HA 2013-2014
Jennifer Fair, HA 2008-2009
Alyson Mazzone, HA 2007-2008
Michael Vogt, HA 2005-2006
Pete Noll, HA 2001
Angela Stanford, HA 2001
Dave Chittenden, HA 2000
Andy Stupperich, HA 2000
Lisa Studts, HA 1998
Will Buhlig, HA 1998