About Joy

A Chicago native, Joy graduated from Roosevelt University as a history major, worked several years for the Girl Scouts, and later enrolled as a student in the Historical Administration Program at Eastern Illinois University, class of 1988.

Following internships at the Missouri History Museum and the Henry Ford Museum, Joy worked briefly as a collections assistant at the Arlington Heights (IL) Historical Museum. In December 1989, she began working as Director of the Des Plaines Historical Museum, which later became the Des Plaines History Center.

Throughout the years, Joy was involved in museum and historical organizations at the state and local level. Joy’s work in her chosen field earned recognition from her peers. In 2000, Joy received the Professional of the Year award from the Illinois Association of Museums, and in 2005 she was recognized as one of the recipients in the Outstanding Graduate Alumni program at Eastern Illinois University.

Joy was great at team-building and appreciated people with proven talent as well as those with untapped potential. She was adept at bringing people together to accomplish large undertakings, whether it was installing exhibits, coordinating an event, or conducting fund-raising activities. During her spare time, Joy assisted her colleagues, served as a mentor to students and newly graduated professionals, and gave advice to those seeking jobs in museums. She knew the benefits of giving back to the community and helping others.

Never one to turn her back on a good cause, Joy’s dedication extended to the Historical Administration Program. Supporting the livelihood and growth of the Program was one of her biggest concerns. Following her graduation, she served as President and founding member of the Historical Administration Program Association.

Until her death in 2011, Joy never missed the HAPA Symposium and raised thousands of dollars by conducting the HAPA’s annual auction fundraiser, eventually leading to the scholarship fund that it supported being named in her
- excerpted from Happenings newsletter, Fall 2011