Help Support the HA Program Your support goes a long way to sustaining and improving the HA Program. Join the effort today by making a contribution to any or all of the following funds.

  • HAPA General Fund: used to allow HAPA the flexibility to direct contributions to where they will have the greatest impact to meet the needs of the HA Program and HAPA.
  • HAPA Joy Matthiessen Memorial Scholarship Fund: named to honor HA alumnus Joy Matthiessen, a leader in the museum field; used to support a scholarship or internship for a student currently enrolled in the HA Program.
  • Maurer Travel Fund: named for Dr. David Maurer, a founding father of the HA Program; used to support the HA study trips in fall and spring.
  • Dr. E. Duane Elbert Learning Resources Fund: named to honor Dr. E. Duane Elbert, a founding father of the HA Program; used to purchase learning resources for the HA Program such as computer software and memberships to professional organizations.This fund was formerly the Michael Cook Textbook Fund and the Dr. E. Duane Elbert Tools & Technology Fund.

HAPA General Fund

 Joy Matthiessen Scholarship Endowment Fund 

 Dr. David Maurer
Student Travel Fund

 Dr. E. Duane Elbert
Learning Resources Fund